Are Maine Coon cats smart?

by Tetsumo
The Maine Coon has average intelligence. However, this is a tricky question. In an intelligence test of the cat breeds the Maine Coon did not come out on top. The Sphynx cat did. The skinny cats such as the modern Siamese and Oriental Shorthair came out well.

As a breed the Maine Coon is probably mid-table in terms of intelligence.

However, we should really be asking, "Is my Maine Coon smart?" It is really more about individual cats. Some are smarter than others. Some Maine Coons are very smart.

We don't ask, "Are Americans smart?" or "Are French people smart?" We ask if an individual person is smart. The same applies to cats. I suppose that is common sense.


  1. Ok, well then let me tell you my Maine Coon is so smart he freaks me out. After having this rescue Maine Coon for almost 2 years he decided he was gonig to use the toliet today. I have not trained him to do so. I was steaming the bathroom floor and I heard the toliet water moving and I thought a cat was drinking out of it and I turn around and My Maine Coon is sitting the the left side of the toliet and going to the bathroom. All I can figure is he wants to be like his humans. He totally figured it out on his own.

    1. Fabulous story. Many thanks. He is very smart and he has learnt from you. Cats learn from observation.


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