Picture of a bicolor solid gray-and-white Maine Coon

I 've not seen a bicolor, solid gray-and-white Maine Coon before and certainly not an individual with some much distinction. This guy is amazing. I am presuming that he is a male. They always look male to me - the Maine Coons that we see on Pinterest. Is it sexist to say that the big male Maine Coons look the most impressive? It is probably is but it is also true I guess.

Here he is again? Why have I published the picture twice? First reason: the image above is embedded into this page from Pinterest and sometimes these fail and the image may disappear. Second reason: I like to embed images from big sites as it helps Google find the page. So just in case the one above disappears here it is again modified slightly:

Bicolor gray-and-white Maine Coon
Bicolor gray-and-white Maine Coon. Picture in public domain 

Bicolor: two colors - white and a solid color in this case grey or gray (American spelling). Notice the heavy ruff so typical of the well bred Maine Coon. The square and large muzzle and the large ears with lynx tips (a requirement under the breed standard). He is a cracker and he is in the owner's backyard where he is safe. He is posing very nicely. He looks incredibly calm and composed and not bothered about the camera. Some cats don't like the camera. He ain't bothered.

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