Fluffy cream tabby Maine Coon with whisker tendrils

I cannot shake off the thought that this glamorous cream-coloured Maine Coon is female but perhaps I am stereotyping. It's just the colour and the fluffiness of the coat and the tendril whiskers which lead me down that route.

Cream tabby Maine Coon
Cream tabby Maine Coon. Photo: Pinterest.

This is a very beautiful Maine Coon. The coat is not white but, as stated, cream-coloured. I don't think that that is an official colour under the breed standard for this cat. Let me check. Well, I'm wrong. I have just checked the CFA breed standard and it states that one of the solid colours is cream and it is described as " one level shade of buff cream, without markings. Sound to the roots. Nose leather and paw pads: pink."

Although looking more carefully she has faint tabby markings (see the forehead). This super-looker may be a cream tabby which is one of the many colours and coat types of this cat breed. The 'cream tabby' is described as "classic, mackerel, ticked: ground colour very pale cream. Markings of buff or cream sufficiently darker than the ground colour to afford ghost contrast but remaining within the dilute range. White trim around lip and chin allowed. Nose leather and paw pads: pink desirable."

My conclusion is that this cat is a cream tabby and super-pretty she is too!


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