Contradictory, badly worded CFA Maine Coon breed standard

Yes, the Cat Fanciers' Association Maine Coon breed standard is quite clearly contradictory in respect of the GENERAL standard and in reference to the breed's coat. I will explain what I mean.

Contradictory, badly worded CFA Maine Coon breed standard
Now, that's shaggy 😎👍✔️ but it is not SMOOTH. I hope this cat is not registered with the CFA! Image in public domain.

Under "GENERAL" the breed standard states "A distinctive characteristic is its smooth, shaggy coat".

The word "smooth" is contradictory to the word "shaggy". We all know what the word smooth means, but I will be more precise and say that it means something which has a regular surface and is free from perceptible projections and lumps. The surface should be flat.

The word shaggy needs to be defined. It means unkempt, thick and long. It normally applies to hair and in which case it means unkempt hair or fur.

The word "unkempt" means having an untidy or dishevelled appearance.

It is impossible to reconcile a coat with a smooth appearance with a coat that is dishevelled and untidy! And therefore, it is impossible to reconcile the word shaggy with the word smooth. The coat is either one or the other.

So, what does The International Cat Association (TICA) say about their Maine Coon breed standard? They state that the length of the coat should be "uneven". It should be shorter on the shoulders and gradually lengthening down the back and sides.

TICA make no mention of the coat being "smooth" or "shaggy". In other words, their breed standard is not contradictory, and it is a superior breed standard.

I think that the CFA wants their Maine Coons to be a little more refined looking than those that are registered with TICA, which is why theuy slipped in the word 'smooth' before the word 'shaggy' and messed it up.

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I would urge them to rethink it and redraft the section to do with the appearance of the coat of this ever-popular cat breed.


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