Huge Maine Coon looks like a legendary beast compared to a regular moggie

There are a lot of pics of huge Maine Coons (MC) on the internet. Rarely do we see an MC in direct comparison for size to a regular-sized cat. This iPhone snapshot is nice because the MC almost looks like a monster with a huge head; a fictional animal from a centuries' old legend. It was taken by "Jorbasa Fotografie" and uploaded to Flickr on August 2013. 

Not all MCs are like this it should be added. The caption on Flickr in German is as follows (translated by Google):
"Sabine Müller managed this incredible snapshot with her i-phone and made it available to me! Pasha, the giant Maine Coon, wants to visit Nala and Mats! - Sabine Müller takes this beautiful snapshot with her I-phone and provides it for me! Pascha, the Giant Maine Coon, wants to visit Nala and Mats! Thank you, Sabine!"

Internet surfers are getting used to seeing monster Maine Coons. It distorts the truth as most are larger than the typical moggie but not huge. Some are not larger than regular cats and on occasion smaller. The Maine Coons that win cat shows in the USA look small by comparison but they meet the breed standard almost perfectly

You know, Maine Coons don't have to be huge or even large. The CFA breed standard states:

"BODY SHAPE: muscular, broad-chested. Size medium to large".

Medium-sized will do nicely for the Maine Coon! That might surprise a few people.


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