RudyCats accused of being heartless and cruel Maine Coon breeders (Part 1)

This story is about exposing a prolific UK Maine Coon cat breeder as heartless, callous and cruel. This is the first in what I expect to be a series of pages on this story.

RudyCats Maine Coon breeders accused of cruelty, fraud and cruelty
RudyCats Maine Coon breeders accused of cruelty, fraud and cruelty. Image: MikeB from images on their site. I claim fair use as this is an educational website.


A Maine Coon breeder or a small group of Maine Coon breeders (in the UK I believe) built a website called RudyCats Exposed to expose what they allege is the heartless malpractices of RudyCats (also 'Rudycats'), a prominent UK Maine Coon breeder. 

Stay with this page rather than visiting their website at the moment as I summarise the detail of the above-mentioned site. It is very detailed and as such difficult to get a clear overview which is my intention on this page.

Personally, I applaud them for their exposé as I think it is important to see behind the glossy veneer that cat breeders present to the world when the reality behind closed doors can often be very grubby and heartless. Where kittens are numbers.

In this instant message (IM) screenshot from Facebook you can see the statement of RudyCats:

Sick Maine Coon breeding behind glossy image of impressive cats

It is interesting and disturbing at the same time. In fact, the website makes unnerving reading. It reveals a sick world of factory cat production (almost), which, in truth, is what cat breeding can descend to unless the breeder commits to upholding high standards. But the act of cat breeding automatically can pull down standards of probity and ethics because life becomes less valuable.

The revelations are from an extensive, forensically detailed analysis taken from what appears to be Facebook messages between the owner of RudyCats and the 'detective' investigating her. I am not sure of the name of the RudyCats owner, but she appears to be a middle-aged woman. I think her name is Jess.

The investigating breeder converses with RudyCats as a friend and interested party while all the time digging for information about alleged very poor breeding practices and making screenshots of their online instant messages (IM) on Facebook.

They use this as evidence to allege that RudyCats are very poor breeders churning out a lot of kittens. There are implications that RudyCats is a kind of kitten mill in disguise.

Killing new-born kittens

Here is one in which RudyCats admit to suffocating a kitten:

RudyCats Maine Coon breeders exposed

I have heard this before at other breeders. They can tend to treat new-born kittens are not really being sentient beings to be killed if needs be (poor 'type' of bad health). Kittens only become living creatures when they are older. This is an horrendous attitude, and it is probably engendered by the simple fact that when a person is creating lots of kittens - sentient beings - they become callous and inured to the sentience of the animals and regard them as 'assets' and 'objects' 'just cats... one of many' in the words of RudyCats.

Taking mums from 6 week old kittens

They import lots of cats and one accusation is that they take breeding mothers from their 6-week-old kittens which is heartless. In defence RudyCats say that two mothers share responsibility and that to remove one who has lost interest is not hardship. I can't verify this.

There are many screenshots of IMs on the RudyCats Exposed website. I don't have the time to read them all or to read the entire website at the moment. I will return. 

Life is almost valueless

But the message is clear: the owner of RudyCats is a heartless, callous cat breeder relating to her kittens as production numbers, a bit like nuts and bolts in a factory, in which new-born kittens at 12 hours of age don't count when they die. Here is a serious of IM screenshots on this topic:

Amateur 'vets' with lots of kittens dying

And the IM below indicates to me that RudyCats are caring for their kittens as amateur veterinarians. They are losing kittens rapidly from a large number of around 24-26 to a much smaller number of a short period of time but are scratching their heads as to the cause of these deaths. This is a very bad look. It is just looks awful. Careless and amateurish. 

Presented to the public as top professionals

But they present themselves as highly professional with a string of 'qualifications' and acceptances from all the cat associations: 
  • We are members of TICA, CFA, ICW, CFF and GCCF. 
  • We have achieved the CFA Breeding Cattery of Excellence 2020-2021
  • We achieved 'TICA Outstanding Breeding Cattery' in both 2019 and 2020, and again in 2022.
This is the public image of RudyCats. Behind closed doors the reality is not so squeaky clean. It is allegedly downright grubby, shabby and distressing to read about.

Fraudery and fakery alleged

The 'detectives' reveal what they allege are RudyCats' 'fraudulent documents' and they state that they "have evidence of a journey in which Rudycats makes a fake enquiry with a breeder, markets themselves under fake names and impersonates a vet." The links take you to the RudyCats Exposed website where you can read more if you wish. 

Here is an IM screenshot in which they allegedly pretend to be vets:

The detectives

We don't know the motivation behind this investigation. Is it purely to protect cats and for cat welfare? They've done great work but what I don't like is the videos they have on YouTube of dying kittens. I can't show the video here as advertisers might not like it. Please click on this link to see it on YouTube.

I'll stop there for the time being as the page is getting too long. I'll be back tomorrow with more 😒😢.


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