Picture of 4 Maine Coon mothers with their 26 kittens born the same day (Rudycats Part 2)

This is a screenshot of the original screenshot on the website The Truth about Rudycats and Wildblue. As I understand it, Rudycats and Wildblue are owned by the same person. They are part of the same operation.

This is part two of a report on the alleged callous and cruel way that the owner of Rudycats (and Wildblue) operate their breeding cattery. Click this link to see Part 1.

There is a lot of discussion by the person who exposed this malpractice (another breeder as I understand it) at Rudycats the cold-hearted way in which the owner (I can't seem to find her name by the way) dealt with new-born kittens.

Picture of 4 Maine Coon mothers with their 26 kittens born the same day at Rudycats cattery
Picture of 4 Maine Coon mothers with their 26 kittens born the same day at Rudycats cattery. Image: The Truth About Rudycats and Wildblue.

As you can see in the screenshot above, roughly 26 kittens were born on the same day in July 2021 to four queens.

A significant number of these kittens died and in a very long series of screenshots of text messages between the owner of Rudycats and the investigator it is clear that Rudycats had a very cold-hearted way of managing their upbringing.

It seems to them that they were 'just kittens' and new-born kittens don't really count when they die. And throughout the text messages the Rudycats operator is constantly guessing as to why they were ill and dying and on one occasion admitted that it was because she had not fed them properly.

And on another occasion a new-born kitten died because their heart stopped. That was the assumption or the diagnosis. Is it normal for a kitten's heart to suddenly stop? Was this an early case of a diseased heart? How early does HCM start? I know it can start early but at the new-born stage?

It is distressing to see a breeder speculating about the cause of death of her kittens. She is not a veterinarian as far as I know and surely, she should be taking them to a vet as a matter of urgency?

On one occasion when she did take a kitten to a vet she was racist against a foreign vet. In her text message she said: "It's some foreign useless vet."

What's wrong with the picture on this page in terms of breeding cats?

That's the problem in outline but I would like people to comment on the picture at the top of this page. What exactly is wrong with this arrangement? It is a large number of new-born and almost new-born kittens with their four mothers.

We know that not infrequently a couple of mothers can share the burden of parenting their kittens. That happens quite a lot and you will see a lot of photographs of that happening on the Internet.

So, what's wrong with seeing that same situation times two? Is it bad because it looks like this is a kitten mill with too much breeding going on? Or is it because there is a chance of the spread of disease amongst the kittens when they are so bunched up?

The investigator said that the "Maine Coon community balked at this image, to have 26 kittens housed together with four mothers was a rapid viral spread situation in the making. Rudycats quickly took this picture down following heavy criticism."

I've not seen the criticism which is why I am asking visitors to this page to tell me what's wrong. That might sound ignorant of me, but I would like to hear the views of others so please comment and contribute.


  1. Blummin’ ell. Where do I start, ok so rudycats is in fact Jess. Just for reference ‘cuntbadger’ is my friend, and she was also helping her friends catch Jess out, please do not take what she says literally, I have two cats off ‘cuntbadger’ and they’re beautiful. Anyway, about Jess.. yes her name is Jess. Bluemaines and rudycats do work together however are two different breeders, I understand rudycats have closed down, all of us are currently still searching for all of Jess’s cats, some of them have been located and rehomed and are living fantastic lives so please be assured we have located some of her kitties.. I’m much better with questions, anything you want to know just ask. I was talking to a couple of the detectives but I won’t name them. So I have as much info as you may need. I might have some screen shots that don’t appear to be here, I can’t be sure of this but I will check.

    1. Hi, I'd appreciate your help. If you email me with some more information and add some pictures, I might be able to write another article on this topic based on what you say. My email: mjbmeister@gmail.com . Or write me a full comment and I'll do the rest.

  2. Hi, thank you for sharing the information from my site. I've only just stumbled across yours.

    In answer to your question, there are multiple issues with 4 queens and 26 kittens in one pen.

    Firstly, the risk of infection is huge, neonate kittens are extremely vulnerable and if one kitten catches a virus you can guarantee the others will. This is exactly what happened, the kittens became extremely poorly and it wiped through all 26. More than half of the kittens died and she was left with between 8-12 kittens by the time they were 3-4 weeks.

    Secondly, the stress experienced by the mums in this situation cannot be overstated. Queens can often find the first few weeks of their litters' lives incredibly stressful, particularly with a bigger litter. Kittens feed almost constantly, so the physical toll on a queen's body is immense. With 26 kittens in one pen, a queen could have 7, 8, 12, 15 kittens all vying for milk, particularly if the other queens were taking a much needed break. The stress of that many kittens fighting over 8 nipples is immense, never mind the physical pain of a mass of kitten claws scraping at her through her fur.

    Thirdly, most Maine Coon queens cannot co-parent with other females, their protective instinct is too strong. In rare cases it happens with bonded girls, but these 4 girls were not bonded. They were forced together, and it was clear from images now deleted from facebook that these girls were highly stressed - they were overly thin, greasy and looked visibly miserable.

    Finally, the care required for that many kittens (should all of them have survived) is immense. Not only is there the feeding and the cleaning but there's also much needed socialisation. Breeders of 10-15+ experience would never have more than 2 litters of the same age because there is not enough hours in the day to adequately socialise their kittens.

    All in all, 26 kittens in with 4 queens was a huge health and welfare issue for both mums and babies, and the celebration of Rudycats over this lack of care was abhorrent.

    If you have any more questions, I am more than happy to answer them.

    1. Thanks for your excellent comment. It is much appreciated.


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