Height comparison big Maine Coon versus average American man

When idling away the time, I created this infographic. One of the most interesting things about the Maine Coon is its size. This led me to think about size comparison. I have compared the size of a Maine Coon with a standard domestic cat and a standard-sized dog. Now it is the turn of the human in a stark infographic. FYI - the tallest domestic cat to the shoulder has always been an F1 Savannah cat at about 2 inches taller than the typical big Maine Coons. Although some of the Maine Coons I have seen would probably beat the Savannah cat record. Why aren't they applying for the record!? This highlights the unreliability of Guinness World Records. They depend on voluntary reporting. A lot of people live with a record-breaking cat but are disinterested in records.

Size comparison big Maine Coon versus American man
Size comparison big Maine Coon versus American man. Infographic by MikeB


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