Actor Lou Diamond Phillips lives with 5 Maine Coon cats. Discuss.

Lou Diamond Phillips is a well-known actor with a Wikipedia page; a mark of recognition. Well done to him for his acting success. And well done to him for being a cat lover! He's got to be a decent man. Anyone who loves cats is automatically a good person 😉. Note: Wikipedia does not mention that he lives with cats! Shame. They are vital to his biography 😊

In previous research I came to the conclusion that not many celebrities adopt Maine Coons. That's true but the reason is almost certainly because their work makes it very tricky to be a good cat caregiver. Their work is probably often too peripatetic. I fairly sure that actors and actresses struggle with adopting any domestic cat for this reason although not all acting requires a lot of travel or being away from home for long periods.

Here is a Twitter picture of the man and his five MCs!

Actor Lou Diamond Phillips and his 5 Maine Coons
Actor Lou Diamond Phillips and his 5 Maine Coons. Image: Facebook.

An interesting aspect of his cat ownership is that he is an apartment dweller. With five large domestic cats he's got his work cut out to ensure that they are sufficiently mentally stimulated.

He affectionately calls them "Our Crazy Cat People Starter Kit!"

Another interesting aspect is that I am not sure that they are Maine Coons!! Look at the cat on the righthand side of the picture above. That is not the face of a Maine Coon. The ears and muzzle are the giveaway. It is the face of a random bred cat tabby cat. And the cat on his chest also does not have the face of a Maine Coon. 

This may be because a Facebook user has read somewhere that they are Maine Coons. I don't know if Lou says that they are Maine Coons.

The infographic below may help readers to recognise the discrepancy in the image above.

Image: MikeB

And they all look a bit fat dare I say it. Sorry for the implied criticism. If they are obese, it is a somewhat predictable consequence of being full-time indoor apartment dwelling cats without sufficient stimulation.


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