How would you get rid of all feral cats humanely? AI responds.

I asked an artificial intelligence computer - an egg-head geeky thing which should provide the best answer to the question in the title - and this is what it came up with.

I mistakenly published this on a site about Maine Coon cats. There are no feral Maine Coon cats as far as I know! 

This is how they treat feral cats in NZ. I think it is cruel and degrading
This is how they treat feral cats in NZ. I think it is cruel and degrading. Image: The Press. The men who killed them see nothing at all wrong. It is all normal behavior for them. I am on a different planet to them.

Managing feral cat populations humanely typically involves a combination of strategies that prioritize the welfare of the cats while also addressing the potential problems associated with their presence. Here are some approaches commonly used:

  1. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Programs: TNR involves trapping feral cats, sterilizing them, providing necessary veterinary care, and returning them to their original location. This approach prevents population growth by eliminating reproduction while allowing the cats to live out their lives in their familiar habitat.
  2. Adoption and Foster Programs: Efforts should be made to rescue kittens and socialize them for adoption into suitable homes. Foster programs can help socialize feral kittens, making them more adoptable and reducing the feral population over time.
  3. Public Education and Awareness: Educating communities about the importance of responsible pet ownership, spaying/neutering pets, and not abandoning cats can help prevent the growth of feral cat populations.
  4. Support for Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Services: Making affordable spay/neuter services widely accessible helps prevent the birth of more feral cats and reduces the overall population over time.
  5. Collaboration with Animal Welfare Organizations: Partnering with local animal welfare groups, shelters, and veterinarians can provide additional resources, expertise, and support for managing feral cat populations.
  6. Habitat Modification: Modifying the environment to reduce food and shelter sources can help discourage feral cats from frequenting certain areas. This may involve securing garbage bins, removing food sources, or altering landscapes to limit hiding places.

It's important to approach feral cat management with a long-term perspective, recognizing that it may take time to see significant results. Humane methods prioritize the welfare of the cats while aiming to reduce population growth and potential issues associated with feral cat colonies.

Comment: The artificial intelligence computer did not suggest that it is impossible to get rid of all feral cats humanely which it is. The computer simply suggested the usual route because there is no magic wand to fix the problem.

But if humans followed the suggestions accurately you would never remove all feral cats from the planet. Quite impossible. But then again you can't remove all feral cats from the planet by killing them either.

The end result is that humankind is going to have to accept feral cats for as long as we can imagine and for a long as we have domestic cat companions and for as long as humankind is on this planet.


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