Ukrainian breeder exports Maine Coon kittens to China during the war

A bold and confident Maine Coon breeder located in Ukraine is advertising online that they'll ship two Maine Coon kittens to Hong Kong for $600! The cattery is KINGCOONS*UA. It is bold and what about the risks of shipping a kitten from Ukraine, where the war is still raging in the east and south and the long flight 7 hours and 15 minutes. 

I guess it works out but it seems risky to me. There is also the issue of pet passports. What is Beijing currently saying about the importation of animals into their country? 

USDA provide a useful page on this. It is complicated. Click here to see it.

The breeder says (please excuse the English grammar but this is verbatim):

If you want to buy Maine Coon kitten to China, it is possible delivery of Maine Coon kittens from Ukraine to China by courier or by cargo. All our kittens are purebred, registered, have the pedigree, veterinary passport, microchip. Delivery of 2 kittens from Ukraine to Hong Kong cost 600 $. For communication about the purchase of the Maine Coon kitten in China: Viber/ WhatsApp +380503208220. e-mail:
They've published a photo of a Chinese guy apparently in China (at the airport?) holding a bicolor Maine Coon youngster. Here it is:

They then state:

If you want to buy real Maine Coon with delivery to China without intermediary, connect us! Maine Coon kitten China.


Google translate says that the above Chinese text in English is:

Kitten Maine Coon Porcelain Maine Coon Hong Kong buy a maine coon. Doesn't mean much. It is just there to boost SEO.


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